Student Success Stories

Success Stories

The RESULTS are in!  Check them out! 

The RESULTS are in! 
Check them out! 

"Every great leader knows you need to give your team the environment to win and the tools to win & we get both with this system" - Mark A 

"My Business EXPLODED! Through the Roof! I sign up 12 Business Partners in 1 Month! Business Partners! That is Huge for me!" - Shelley D 

This is exactly what we needed... This is the ticket to success! I'm making more money I'm bringing in more people & I'm just loving the new system- Lorrena

"I love this new system! I did 10 TIMES THE VOLUME of the month prior & I was #1 on the Leader Board! And I'm just Excited!"- Julianna 

"That's what this is all about helping the newest person get up and running. 
We've seen great success - Our volume basically DOUBLED IN A MONTH! So that's pretty Incredible!"- Blair A 

"This system gives us the opportunity to share with others without feeling like we're pushing people. I thought I was going to get all kinds of rejection But I didn't! I just got a customer yesterday!I was not even expecting!"

"What I really really love about the system is that if I can do it anybody can do it! It's a blueprint for success that's very duplicatable! It has created so much excitement! It's generated so much business for me!"-Judy D

"This is a system that's been tested it's Proven... It's created Thousands of Success Stories Industry-wide. 
This is the #1 System throughout the Industry! And we're going to show you how to leverage this & Make this your best Year Yet!" 
-Greg S

Reviews on The Social Funnel System 

Reviews on The Social Funnel

Here's what these Team Members Say...

"The Biggest Win for me is Not Just Having So Many Leads and Enrolling Business Partners...
But Seeing the Business Partners that I have - WINNING "

Sandra has Already Been Recognized 3 Times By her Company! 

She was #6 on the Recruiting Board and has Won Multiple Trips and Incentives! 

"All of us can use the system. It's highly duplicatable. 
It has increased our efficiency, Our Momentum and Recruiting & Sales Numbers!  - Sandra Q

"All I can say is WOW! It really is that good! She has thought of every little thing!  It's unbelievable!!"
-Sue N

"If you're looking to join the program, then I say definitely! This is a 90 Day Launch Program that's going to get you to 6 Figures!"
-Tara O 

"I've taken several courses & Academies and Nobody Even Comes Close to What You Deliver!" -Steve I  

Krystie Grew Her Business 400% in the First 7 Weeks

Krystie had MAJOR Growth Fast! She promoted up 4 New Levels in the first 7 Weeks. She got so much attention that she was flown out to her Corporate Office because they were Blown Away by what was happening in her team! They had her shoot videos and she became highly recognized for how to Create Massive Growth and Success Fast! 

"This program has been the best decision! I'm super excited about where my business is going to go!
-Donna R

"I appreciate that you are giving me the opportunity to learn so much from you!"
-Naz S, 500K Earner

"We feel did WAY BETTER with Your Coaching! 100% We could not see the rest of the year progressing with out you!" -Kelli, Top Leader

Belinda DOUBLED Her Volume in the first 60 Days

"The Reason I partnered with Summer is I Believed My Team Deserved It!"  - Blenda A

Rachel has 250% Growth in the first 6 weeks

"Last Month We More than DOUBLED our Sales from the Previous Month!" - Rachel S

This helped me take the idea I had in my head and make it a reality... 
This was an answer to prayer. It's Been such a blessing! - Daniel & Elizabeth

"I'm so impressed by everything you've put together and the detail you offer! Just thank you so much!" 
-Wendy B, Million Dollar Earner

Results: 0 to 1500 Members in 10 Days!

Day 1
 21 Members

Day 2
 512 Members

Day 3
 856 Members

Day 10
 1500 Members

Everyone Can Do This...

Wow! Inviting people to the group, who are inviting people to the group! This is duplication!
Greg's team mate is 70 years old & Number #8 on the Leader Board! She's never been on the leaderboard! Or ever really had success! - Greg S

Day 1: 21 Members

Day 2:  512 Members

Day 3: 856 Members

Day 10
 1500 Members

"This is exactly what I was looking for! Oh my goodness- I've been looking for so long! It's what I needed. A blueprint & play by play on how to have a system and be a better leader for my team." 
-Nicole B, Leads a Million Dollar Team

Even More Student Success Stories...

Hit the TOP LEVEL in 7 Weeks! 
-Dave H

"It has been 
Month Ever! "
-Mayela C

"A Stellar Mentor in my Network Marketing Transformation!" 

"Summer helped me Double My Team Sales Volume"
-Rachel S

"I am one hundred percent worthy of the doing this!" -Amanda D.

Growth Stats: Grew 298% In 45 Days!

Starting Day 1
 1689 Members

Day 8
 2479 Members

Day 33
3709 Members

Day 45
 5042 Members

Starting Day: 
1689 Members

Day 8: 2479 Members

Day 33: 3709 Members

Day 45: 5042 Members

Still More...

Growing By 100 Members a Day!

Check out this Facebook Live Clip! They are just 10 Days in and already have grown to 1500 Members! 

We Could Do This All Day...

...How many do you need?

Brand New Team Members Who Made

$$ Fast with the 'Social Funnel' System

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